I code.   I teach.   Then, I learn.   Occasionally, I'll sleep.


The Long Version:

Dave Winter, dauidus

Dave Winter


I’m Dave Winter. I do my part to make the web a better place. And I specialize in helping people everywhere succeed by putting WordPress to work for specific needs (it can do a lot). I pride myself on keeping up with the latest web standards and giving my clients the very best the web has to offer.

You may be wondering about the name. Dauidus is the possessive form of my name – David’s – in ancient Koine Greek (yep, I’m a geek). Some folks have called me that since the college years, and it just stuck (yep, they know I’m a geek). I pronounce it *dah – wee – doos*, but I’ve heard it said many interesting ways. And, I’m really ok with all of them. You have to be when you’re name is Dauidus.

Most of my professional life has been spent as a teacher, though I’ve always had a hand in some sort of creative design project. Merging code and art to form something entirely unique and usable both tempts and challenges me, and designing for the web is exactly that. Only thing I like better than coding is teaching others how to code (including my wife, who wants absolutely no part in it). Doesn’t keep me from trying, though!

I’ve spoken on WordPress topics at various Meetups in the Southern California area and was a proud speaker at WordCamp Orange County 2014.  I will be participating on a panel about the importance of Design Workflow at WordCamp San Diego 2015 with some good design friends coming up in March.  I currently teach Computer Science and Engineering courses in Technology Ethics, General Web Development and Standards-Based Web Design at California State University, Long Beach.


The Short Version:


I’m a geek. I love WordPress. And, you want a WordPress geek to work with you on your next big web thing. ‘Nuff said.


I love what I do.   And what I do is create.


WordPress Plugins:


Add Post Type Instructions

Allows admins to easily set instructional context for metaboxes and more on pages, posts or custom post types. Currently it supports adding instructional text:

  • immediately below the title field
  • within the WYSIWYG content editor
  • and within the following metaboxes:
    • author
    • featured image
    • excerpt
    • trackbacks
    • custom fields
    • page attributes
    • post format

Instructional text is highlighted on the add/edit page and unobtrusively directs the user to make better choices when editing content, especially on sites with content requirements.

This plugin is under continuing development.  Progress can be monitored at its public Github repository.



Require Before Publishing Checklist

This plugin is under active development and is expected for public release in January, 2015.


© 2015, Dave Winter (dauidus)