Hey, Dave… what’s with all the social statements?


So glad you asked!  Its simple, really.  I stand for racial equality.  I stand for social justice.  I stand for human rights.  I stand for religious freedom.  I stand for immigrant families.  And I stand for working to support other businesses and individuals who stand with me.

And, from all I’ve seen, many of our neighbors have, shamefully, forgotten how to stand.

Some might read this and wonder why I’ve chosen to make my views so clearly accessible… and on my business site, no less.  For me, it’s really just a matter of transparency.  You get what you see, folks.



Does this mean I have to agree with you?


Of course not.  But you should know that, every once in a while, on a Saturday, I’ll probably be unavailable to take an emergency client call.  Because I’ll probably be marching for women’s rights, union workers, sensible gun laws or in support of immigrant families.  That’s just how it’s gonna be.

If all that still sounds good to you, reach out to me, so we can get started on your web thing.  And, if that doesn’t sound so good, let me know… you’re not really wiling to trade your awesome web presence for some silly political thing, right?


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