Add Post Type Instructions

Allows admins to easily set instructional context for metaboxes and more on pages, posts or custom post types. Currently it supports adding instructional text in the following places:

  • above the title field
  • above the WYSIWYG editor
  • default content within the WYSIWYG editor

and within the following built-in metaboxes:

  • publish
  • author
  • featured image
  • excerpt
  • trackbacks
  • custom fields
  • page attributes
  • categories
  • tags
  • post format
  • discussion
  • comments
  • revisions
  • slug

I wrote this plugin out of a simple need to provide my clients with fool-proof reminders when adding or editing content.  It works best when sparingly used, as to not overwhelm content contributors.

I am looking to add support for defining custom metaboxes in a future release.

I have also considered adding support to allow hiding instructional areas.  However, this could potentially kill all plugin functionality.  I’m open to suggestions on this point!

Instructional text is highlighted on the add/edit page and unobtrusively directs the user to make better choices when editing content, especially on sites with content requirements.

The Add Post Type Instructions plugin is under continuing development.  Progress can be monitored at its public Github repository.



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