Requirements Checklist

Requirements Checklist allows admins to require content to be entered before a page/post can be published. Currently it supports requirements for the following areas on the add/edit screen:

  • title
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • featured image
  • excerpt
  • categories (allows for minimum required number of categories)
  • tags (allows for minimum required number of tags)

Requirements Checklist uses OOP standards to add options only for those metaboxes which are supported for each post type and to execute code only on those pages where it is needed. It works especially well for sites with many custom post types that require content to be entered in a specific way (ie. when a post type requires a specific page template or when the absence of a featured image will break the intended look of a post). Think of any theme or plugin that supports an image slider powered by a required featured image, and you can surely see where PTRC can come in handy.

To be clear,Requirements Checklist does absolutely nothing to the front-end of your site. It simply forces certain types of data to be added to the add/edit page/post admin screen in order for that content to be published or updated.

Requirements Checklist works with multisite networks and allows users to define settings on a per-site basis.



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  1. Hello, it would be nice you complete your plugin with official translation support so I may update my translation :-)

  2. Dave Winter says:

    I’ve been looking into updating this plugin for a while now (it is pretty outdated, as of now). I’ll take your requests into consideration for the next release. :-)


  3. crazyjace says:

    Brilliant plugin works so well :)

  4. hi there, wondering if there is a way to add custom requirements to this plugin such as: minimum word count, alt image tags, and other elements?

  5. Please, is it possible to add in your plugin a line for choose date publish for example when I want to put a date witch is not today’s date ? (sorry I’m French, my english is bad !)

    • Dave Winter says:


      WordPress actually allows you to do this by default. You might want to look into a plugin like “edit flow” if you’re looking for more functionality than your out-of-the-box WordPress install gives you.

      This plugin won’t ever support such requirements.


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